Terrafirma Terrafirma

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Get a better look at your Terraria maps!

Version: 3.0.6
Licence: Free
Publisher: SeanCode

Game screenshots:


Terrafirma description:

The game that gives you the best way to see the world in terrariums Terrafirma is a mapping tool.
On your system the program automatically detects what you want to see by clicking on your stored maps only. Once when it is loaded with the arrow keys around the map, or just using the mouse you can move.
Best feature is being able to illuminate a specific material on your map. Apart from this, everything in the map from the selected material, so you’ll know exactly where to dig next time there may be loss of consciousness.
Terrafirma is an application that will do Terrariums players happy for a long time to come. Not only is easy to use, but of the new world ” in search will assist you.

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