Terra Battle Terra Battle

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A confrontation that will rip apart the tapestry of destiny!

Version: 5.5.3
Licence: Free
Publisher: Mistwalker

Game screenshots:

Terra Battle
Terra Battle

Terra Battle description:

To create a group of adventurers to save the world from the catastrophe of war Terra (The Last Story, The Odyssey, Blue Dragon and Lost) a traditional SRPG developed by Mistwalker.
Unlike other games of the same genre, the story is focused more on less on fighting the Battle of Terra. With descriptive text and dialogue that will make players very happy definitely this war, you spend more time reading.
In the Battle of Terra is a far cry from what’s usually found in most SPG. There is a group of heroes to represent the corresponding tabs arranged on a board, and your goal is to attack two characters flank the enemy.
As usual, the war in the Battle of Terra is very different. For example, if a character is a character who is rushing in front of, the more damage will be done. Likewise, if a character moves, the other moves one square and replace on the characters in the reverse direction. To fight is easy to learn, but to master it’s not much.
Previous work developed by an experienced studio with an excellent SRPG Terra Battle Stars. And as expected, Terra Battle does not disappoint: the controls perfectly suited for touch screens and great graphics and fun to play.

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