Telepath Tactics Telepath Tactics

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Strategy and role in a very special fantasy world!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Sinister Design

Game screenshots:

Telepath Tactics
Telepath Tactics
Telepath Tactics

Telepath Tactics description:

Telepath Tactics campaign full of political intrigues, conflicts to be resolved on the field of battle with an army of soldiers based strategy game similar to Fire Emblem caused by becomes.
Telepath Tactics is a very special set in a fantasy world. Here, magic doesn’t exist, but really (rifle, gun, steam, etc.) psychic powers and steampunk items you can find.
In this strange world, elves, dwarves, Dragons. Instead, the only people invented just for the game, and a few other breeds you can find.
Tactical telepathy is very similar to the game Fire Emblem. Turns and have to move troops to attack by enemy forces, and land is an important factor in a certain power for each weapon that has reach and keep in mind. For example, rivers of lava, toss it at the enemy, the soldier tear down the building and build bridges.
Telepathy is a fun with lots of tactical opportunities turn-based strategy game. Fire Emblem or Disgaea fans will definitely love it.

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