TeamSpeak Server TeamSpeak Server

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Talk out loud while you game online or over networks!

Version: 3.0.0-Beta18
Licence: Free

Game screenshots:

TeamSpeak Server

TeamSpeak Server description:

Finally, I found the solution you’re looking for to improve your experience online and network gaming. Playing the game now effectively communicate, loud, and you can do it in real time. You will always speak with the enemies and your teammates that will make the game much more fun since a sound channel and link this program consumes the least amount of resources to run.
Audio server this client is just common follow-up work and other members of the team have to do the same. You can create your own server or application on the server.
Without any loss of quality or bandwidth of communication appropriate to the program includes taking a lot of their optimization. () If you don’t want to use a public server if the client version for when you are using this program to create your own server, you’ll need to connect with your teammates.

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