Tagap 2 Tagap 2

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The second part of the penguin action game!

Version: 1.6
Licence: Free
Publisher: Penguin DT

Game screenshots:

Tagap 2
Tagap 2
Tagap 2

Tagap 2 description:

Tagap 2-Penguins Pablo and Pedro by the name of grumpy off with limited features and usually two 2D platform action game. In this game hordes of undead Penguins must join forces to confront the bad managed by Primo.
The game is the same as the first game in the saga officially. I’m not working basically to get the shot when you shoot everything that moves and very practical for different two-dimensional scenes have to act.
So, self-defense, such as attack, all kinds of weapons, machine guns, grenades, shotguns, etc you will be equipped with a wide arsenal of. Also, at the same time provides for, among other things, create custom shields, power-ups will be.
One of the most interesting things playing with two people on the same computer by using a split-screen 2 co-op the option of being able to play Tagap added.
Most of the game is spent on foot, even though in some parts of different missions, helicopter or Jet-Skis, submarines will be able to use a number of different tools for.
Tagap 2, apart from being completely free at the same time very fun action game with great graphics.

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