SUPERHOTline Miami SUPERHOTline Miami

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Hotline Miami meets SUPERHOT!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Albattr

Game screenshots:

SUPERHOTline Miami
SUPERHOTline Miami
SUPERHOTline Miami

SUPERHOTline Miami description:

Miami SUPERHOTline shiny two independent games: Hotline Miami gameplay that combines an action game with a bird’s eye view and attractive. Your goal is to shoot at everything that moves and both, considering that the combo is a good development.
Miami SUPERHOTline when the game stops (when it goes slow slow Super) attracting the base game uses the overhead perspective Hotline Miami is adapted to. Fist, pistol and shotgun to kill all the enemies in each level by using they manage to shoot without them.
The controls are very simple: use the awsd keys to move your character around Click to fire, left click to pick up weapon. A limited amount of ammo each weapon set and do not forget to rate Fire.
Directly superhotline Miami and fun action game. The graphics are pretty rough, but the experience is great. The only problem is it’s not super short.

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