Super Smash Bros Crusade Super Smash Bros Crusade

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Goku, Sonic, Mario and MegaMan get ready for the last fight!

Version: 0.9
Licence: Free
Publisher: Project Crusade Team

Game screenshots:

Super Smash Bros Crusade
Super Smash Bros Crusade
Super Smash Bros Crusade

Super Smash Bros Crusade description:

Super Smash Bros crusade, as the name suggests, unique computing experience with up to 4 players on the same computer at the same time offering thanks to Smash Bros. and punch each other is a fun fighting game that continues the hallmark of the series on the line.
It’s not the best game to play with friends, but what can be expected from a game with such a name in the list of characters is at the level of the fact that. All sold as a promising game with the latest version it will be more than 80 characters Goku, Mario, Kirby, Sonic, Mega Man, Donkey Kong, Chun Li, Ridley, Pikachu, Rayman, Porky, Ryu, Link.
Game scenarios are also very well-known, for example, the original Street Fighter or Smash Bros ones, make them unique and included some extras to enhance the experience of the game.
All the characters as expected, you need to learn to control unique special blows and attacks. Also, each character from the original, an additional team that will allow us to see him with a completely different view.
Super Smash Bros Crusade currently the most important problem if you need an external program to configure a control to be able to enjoy it with your friends if we want a necessary thing. extremely fun fighting game whose

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