Super Motocross Super Motocross

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Impossible jumps with motocross bikes!

Licence: Free
Publisher: MyPlayCity

Game screenshots:

Super Motocross
Super Motocross
Super Motocross

Super Motocross description:

Super Motocross bike not to fall when working with numerous horses that you will find along the way to the finish line in the shortest time to reach the racing game.
There are 4 different bikes with different features in order to change your driving style. (And better grip), which are faster than the heavier ones, and those who are not.
Competition circuit, with several different atmospheres and to demonstrate the abilities. If you use the turbo fast enough and the horses and the valuable will earn you a gold trophy.
Super Motocross a fun title, Good visual and a simple game. And if that’s not enough also if it’s free.

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