Super Crate Box Super Crate Box

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It's time to destroy the killer boxes!!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Vlambeer

Game screenshots:

Super Crate Box
Super Crate Box
Super Crate Box

Super Crate Box description:

Super Crate Box is, in fact, for as long as possible in order to survive in an indoor scene, the same thing before emerging, and you have to kill all of the boxes and platform action arcade game.
Boxes to combat dangerous your fingertips, machine gun that you can use skillfully if you want to stay alive if random guns, missiles, grenades, shotgun, and a large arsenal of all kinds including.
The aim of the game boxes certainly wouldn’t blink an eye at the thought of killing to get as many points as possible to compete with players from all over the world. And those friends don’t let their looks fool you, like all of them, very small for large ones and yourself with the right hero he’s trying to do.
Super Crate Box is a simple, addictive mechanics are constantly increasingly complex with challenges that will put your skills to the test with a fun game.

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