Styrateg Styrateg

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Turn-based strategy and role-play in a fantasy world!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Rake in Grass

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Styrateg description:

Embark on a dangerous adventure to save the kingdom with a touch of RPG, strategy, turn based strategy game where.
Different abilities at the beginning of the game: Warriors, Wizards, select the hero of a series of adventurer, etc. But as you progress through the adventure, the heroes will end up being a group of the group, which you can add new characters.
Like other games of this type, the game battle to minimize the damage, carefully select the actions of the characters. After every battle your characters and teach them your skill level, you will receive experience points even new magical powers.
Strategy, adventure, 10 hours is a very entertaining game that combines. Excellent artistic design and a strong soundtrack make playing this game a great pleasure.

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