Study And Coloring Study And Coloring

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An educational coloring book for the little ones!

Version: 1.0.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: devapp

Game screenshots:

Study And Coloring
Study And Coloring
Study And Coloring

Study And Coloring description:

Young children enjoy coloring and coloring work is an application that enables them to familiarize themselves with letters and numbers.
There is one drawing per letter and coloring work. Of the drawings by letter, a brief introduction to how to write a letter that begins with a picture of an object. In this way, while also learning how to write letters to children in common and the object begins.
In addition to the alphabet and the numbers zero to 18, worksheets, and coloring. In this case, every number is shown as an entertaining character, the kids really will be a blast to paint them.
Coloring a drawing app that allows users to work and do what they want. Selecting colors according to their imagination and pleasure dozens of the little ones to run wild if you want to allow by adjusting the brush size, means they can. The perfect app to learn on the go creativity.

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