Stubbs The Zombie Stubbs The Zombie

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Be the Zombie in an epic war between the living and the dead!

Version: in Rebel without...
Licence: Demo
Publisher: Wideload

Game screenshots:

Stubbs The Zombie
Stubbs The Zombie

Stubbs The Zombie description:

If you like action games, while playing the game of zombies that cause the deaths of thousands and thousands of people sure. This time, the story changes, it’s a zombie.
As original as it seems. Stubbs the zombie in Rebel Without a pulse introduces a revolutionary idea to us. Now we have to play as a zombie.
During the Great Depression in 1933, Edward Stubbs died in 1959 and who we are now, you’ll be a man. He’s returned to who killed him and why can’t all there is to know. He doesn’t€™t a thing but I know one thing: Food somebodya€™s brain to make you feel better.
Experience a new war between humans and zombies, but the zombies now.
Your goal in this new war fairli open: there are several ways to do this and kill everyone on the way. Eat brains, you can use your body as a weapon, you can use them to tell people their bodies and attack.
In short, Stubbs the zombie us hours and hours of fun a great story, great music, great graphics, great sounds and I thank you for.

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