StoryBook Tactics StoryBook Tactics

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The evil necromancer attacks, and you're the last hope!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Mercuryware

Game screenshots:

StoryBook Tactics
StoryBook Tactics
StoryBook Tactics

StoryBook Tactics description:

The tactical purpose of the story an evil sorcerer adventurers who converted the case to a majority of the attack, a group of adventurers who will save the world where you play a turn-based RPG.
For this purpose, (a very strange character design) and use this reduced group of brave adventure will plunge into cubes. SPG the game’s a classic for a new region to the world map and you can move the group around, always have to participate in a war.
These wars, which is the heart of the game, you have to fight tons of different enemies, heroes who want to end their lives. The winner is continuing to develop the characters at the end until I was in the Necromancer’s face.
It’s an epic tactic, despite the old graphics, very fun game a fun game that offers enough to keep you hooked for hours. In fact, it comes for the PC and Xbox Live Arcade game which is completely free.

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