Stones of the Gods Stones of the Gods

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Match groups of three diamonds!

Version: 1.0.2
Licence: OpenSource
Publisher: Andru

Game screenshots:

Stones of the Gods

Stones of the Gods description:

Our mission the gods the stones of three or more diamonds of the same color to create groups of where is a href=””>Bejeweled <multiple similar to a match-three game, yes it is a game.
Hook this type of game because the computer always challenging and different computer game very popular among players and few from the US, in addition, this time is completely free.
The rotation of the pieces with the mouse, control-click, left-or right-clicked and you can choose depending on rotation to the edge of the diamond.
The stones of the gods offers two game modes:>> Action <. And the second one will compete against the first ten counterclock we should try to form as many groups such as Diamond.

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