Steam Marines Steam Marines

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Strategy, role-playing and death in space!

Version: 0.8
Licence: Free
Publisher: Worthless Bums

Game screenshots:

Steam Marines
Steam Marines
Steam Marines

Steam Marines description:

Steam Marines overwhelmed with enemies and traps to get a group of four Space Marines created as an arbitrary number of levels, futuristic design with a control portable.
As is common with this type the combat system is definitely turn-based. It may take time to decide what your next move will be, but note that the enemies will very soon make his next move. And most of them can be fatal.
To survive the dangers that you encounter, smart team members, you have to use each other don’t cover something like this if it helps you, and, in general, more marksmanship using your head.
Steam Marines is a very fun strategy, role-playing and action game, an entertainment, in addition to providing an interesting game, at the same time has a gorgeous retro aesthetic.

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