Steam Library Manager Steam Library Manager

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Move your Steam games and make backup copies!

Licence: OpenSource
Publisher: RevoLand

Game screenshots:

Steam Library Manager
Steam Library Manager
Steam Library Manager

Steam Library Manager description:

Steam is the main distribution platform for PC software, and continues to add new features to the official client, although the truth is, there’s still something missing. Steam game library manager that lets you move the installation folders on different physical drives and save them a useful external tool. The best feature, though, is the ability to replicate the backup files to save the content. Without proper internet connection and some games get a 30 GIGABYTE this is especially useful.
To use SLM, Steam open in the background does not have to be. In this way, you can see a list of installed games and their locations. At the top of the screen, drag and drop files with paths you can create new installation and transport.
Besides all this, it is corrupted at the same time to verify whether it meets the minimum requirements for a game or remove a game from the library, you can verify. In addition, it includes a search engine to find the games with the name or ID. This, along with other specifications that continue to grow large Steam game collection for PC gamers who has experienced almost the director of the library is an essential tool.

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