Spring Spring

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RTS game engine with example games to test it!

Version: 94.1
Licence: OpenSource
Publisher: Spring Team

Game screenshots:


Spring description:

Spring 5000 (or less) and accordingly even more powerful computer running a game that allows you to create combat scenarios (RTS) real time strategy for a motor.
Large spring 3D maps change as the battle continues create, approach, reflection, etc. water transport to the fire for the trees.
Spring land, air and sea of permission to conflict, there are different camera modes. All the bullet trajectory and responds to the laws of physics.
Spring the internet or install a program server on the local network (unless, Lobby called the server) includes a number of games that you can play. PURE, Gundam, Star Wars: Imperial Winter, Evolution, and expand the kernel panic and destroy it. Although you need the original game includes several modes to access them for destruction.
– Don’t forget to check validation option is modified during the installation of the program, or you will not be able to play any of the games.

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