Sportz Daze Sportz Daze

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A summer camp sports competition!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Richard Jordan

Game screenshots:

Sportz Daze
Sportz Daze
Sportz Daze

Sportz Daze description:

Sportz Daze, the young campers to participate in a competition where you have to use a summer camp in a sports game.
Game: you should get a time with a competition test, but even if you lose once, the game’s over Legendary ‘is very similar to athletics.
This type of testing very quickly to get through two sprinting or most swimming test, just push the button.
The other tests pass, even though a tennis ball as you throw or shoot a slingshot, you will have to use more buttons and skill.
Sportz Daze classic ‘fun sports game like super fun graphics that pays homage to athletics for almost the same game.

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