Spoon Spoon

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Run apps and games from your browser!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Spoon

Game screenshots:


Spoon description:

Spoon directly from the browser otherwise you have to install dozens of programs and games that you can run through an online application.
To do this, first you must install the plugin spoon. After you do this, it only takes a minute) and use the program check page and start playing video games.
Among other applications, WinRAR, Google Chrome, Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Winamp, Pidgin, TweetDeck and you will find there are 514. Meanwhile, in the catalog game, also world of goo, Clogs, Oregon Trail, height, and you’ll find big names like Splinter Cell.
The spoon is really amazing. Usually within seconds just not capable of running games and applications that require installation at the same time, allows you to run everything very smoothly.

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