Sombreros Sombreros

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This town ain't big enough for the both of us!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Dustin Gunn

Game screenshots:


Sombreros description:

Gun smoke is a shooting game inspired by classics like Bird’s eye sombreros. The player in a setting that is constantly visible from all directions proceed with the bad guys.
On the screen (trigger happy Mexicans with big sombreros -) character who is bad only to defend himself all the enemies that appear, shoot I will try to. To do this, unless they have enough enemies sombreros at any time, effective time, which is never a bad thing, the bullet Infinite Ammo, weapons, plus there is a sort.
Every time you kill an enemy you can take her Sombrero, and the sombrero trick mode you can take a shot for every lead time. Slow to move to such a setting, kill all the enemies.
Sombreros, short and simple, even though any player can immediately enjoy a simple game offers a very fun action game.

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