Soccer Fight Soccer Fight

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The best soccer players in history fight each other!

Version: 2.6.8
Licence: Free
Publisher: Bambo Studio

Game screenshots:

Soccer Fight
Soccer Fight
Soccer Fight

Soccer Fight description:

Football is a fighting game where players play the best football in the history of the struggle. The names have been changed slightly, although Merendon, pale, and any of them to avoid licensing issues though Romualdo game shows Maradona, Pele, Messi, Ronaldo we’re talking about.
There are several different game modes in football Combat. In training mode you can practice all the moves in the game against an opponent that doesn’t move. Easily and combos special attacks: fireballs, flying kicks, deadly combos to really learn this way … there are moves you can learn.
Outside of practice mode, World Cup mode where you choose your favorite player and fight against the others. Fighting, punching and kicking to defeat the opponent by two and take the tour.
Football Fight that can show visually a little better (though 3D graphics, 2D fighting game, but still very fun gaming experience. The digital version beat the most hated footballer in the end, it’s not every day.

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