SMS Racing SMS Racing

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Can you drive and use your cellphone at the same time?!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Holden Link

Game screenshots:

SMS Racing
SMS Racing
SMS Racing

SMS Racing description:

Racing your goal when writing a text message SMS to a mobile phone, the driver is very strange racing game. Excellent this game is reflected in so dangerous a task is difficult.
The mouse is used for writing text messages cell phone, but with the keyboard to control the car and accelerate, brake, and turn. These messages are usually short and simple, OMFG ‘or’ haha’, but like just write them to a maximum of 10 seconds.
The goal of the phone when receiving messages over all the time, to complete the circuit, and this proves quite difficult to achieve without crashing the car at least a few times.
SMS Racing is a racing game fun and completely unique. The main goal is to drive as fast as possible while still in control of the car while using the mouse to send a message, notice that you have to be very talented in this genre related to other titles.

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