Smokin’ Guns Smokin’ Guns

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Convert yourself into the master of the Old West!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Smokin' Guns Productions

Game screenshots:

Smokin’ Guns
Smokin’ Guns
Smokin’ Guns

Smokin’ Guns description:

Situated in the Old West firearms, online first-person action game. Firearms started out as a modification of Quake III, but is completely independent.
Weapons weapons are very realistic scenarios and the simulation, design, damage, accuracy, and historical data was made according to the charging time.
Choose the game mode you want to play Duel and attack. The first duel you get into the second assault against bank an artillery piece is a classic, and you’ll fight. Be careful, due to the fire damage of the bullets is different depending on the part of the body.
Select a server, connect, wait until the round starts and choose your character and team. If you’re not online you don’t worry, you can play offline against other characters that are controlled by the computer.

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