Simutrans Simutrans

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Build your own transport business and make it profitable!

Version: 120.2-2
Licence: OpenSource
Publisher: Simutrans Team

Game screenshots:


Simutrans description:

Simutrans Transport Tycoon allows you to build a complete transportation system for passengers and goods based on the legendary open-source, cross-platform game. Land, air and sea Travel, the city exists within a world full of randomly generated by the computer. The names of the cities are real.
The main means of transport in simutrans, bus, truck, train, boat and plane. Only (roads, bridges, tracks) to build the infrastructure necessary to run, but also assigned responsibility for vehicle maintenance, industry, etc provide communication between.
Means of transportation to each different vehicle models offer. (For example) you should get the right tool for the job you want to do, you will need a special tool to transport logs. Current Simutrans 40 our factory we have raw material 35 can be used. Be careful with the finances since it is the only way you can expand your business transportation.
Simutrans game for it to work, there are different design packages that you can download from the program’s web site, and this is necessary.
At least one package to download and the graphics (you must copy them to the folder where the simutrans Game Launcher.launch it). Simutrans pak64 custom graphics package comes with the downloaded version.

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