Shades of Manhattan Shades of Manhattan

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A totally original two-dimensional fighting game!

Version: 2.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Sean Altly

Game screenshots:

Shades of Manhattan description:

A completely original story created by Sean altly shades of Manhattan is a 2D fight game with characters and levels.
Its normal and special attacks with more than a dozen characters, each you’ll meet. You could even use some weapons during the war – but the main attacks are punches, kicks and special elemental attacks to come.
But the best part of shades of Manhattan characters and the story each of their own respective histories. A player that makes a fun game, especially Arcade Mode.
Manhattan the shadow of the arcade, 1-1, or against another human player 2 2—either go back, or at the same time, it also includes other game modes.
Shades of Manhattan Mugen some characters and levels that have been seen ever in a game that allows you to enjoy a fun two-dimensional fighting game.

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