Sega Brawlers Megamix Sega Brawlers Megamix

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A Royal Rumble featuring SEGA characters!

Version: 3.4
Licence: Free
Publisher: DJGameFreakTheIguana

Game screenshots:

Sega Brawlers Megamix
Sega Brawlers Megamix
Sega Brawlers Megamix

Sega Brawlers Megamix description:

The 90’s SEGA is, without a doubt, produces the most nostalgia, and back in those days born without bringing the best in thanks to the Legendary Legends. Sega Brawlers Megamix is a tribute to that era, and then brings the characters back together.
Like Sonic, Streets Of Rage, Golden Axe, Battletoads like you can choose more than twenty different legends between characters; each has its own unique attacks and special moves.
Any hero from the list and select the employee in transition mentioned on a number of levels in the Adventure Mode you can play different legends and many more.
Another game mode, Arcade, is not a fair fight against successive waves of enemies, and only a few hundred cases, competitors of the fighters in the game’s AI controls some characters to join your team.
Also this fight will be wrestling each other until the only one left is a few characters for a ‘Royal Rumble’ typical reminiscent of a crazy version.
Played for a while with up to four players in all game modes, crazy game control your hero, you don’t know may be turning into a frenzy. A real gem for nostalgic gamers.

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