Saturation Saturation

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Stuck in an empty world, color is your only weapon!

Version: 1.1
Licence: Free
Publisher: Team 99%

Game screenshots:


Saturation description:

Off color saturation which are completely invalid, just that will try to kill you in a cave that is inhabited by invisible creatures before it closed a number of first-person action and exploration game.
This creature is the only weapon to defend yourself against various attacks that enable a paint gun to paint the world with colors. In this way, the enemy where he is and, more importantly, where you will be able to see.
You will be able to confront the creatures saturation, let your imagination run wild with creative mode and a multiplayer mode where you can paint guns includes six different scenarios are included.
Graphical representation of saturation has the power. Definitely impressive to see in real time how to go about painting around the world.
Saturation is something entirely different that you are familiar with first person action game. Lurking in the dark color, no bullets or enemies: you only have paint.

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