SAGA Online SAGA Online

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Fight and work together in your own fantasy kingdom!

Version: 1.49.1
Licence: Free
Publisher: DeepSilver

Game screenshots:

SAGA Online
SAGA Online
SAGA Online

SAGA Online description:

Epic creatures right online help the elves, orcs, trolls, and all kinds of fantasy responsible for a complete universe puts road you can find around the kingdom.
Over 100 different units to build and strengthen your own online Kingdom with the help of that you will receive and you will build an army feeds.
Light with their own characteristics, Nature, Machine, undead, magic and war —there are 6 different camps throughout every kingdom. You choose and will fight the battle to find allies and the enemy to switch targets. The most powerful players in the world so much right deal with in the online Kingdom.
Swap cards a lot more, group tasks, plus thousands of soldier into one of the largest online communities enhancements different challenges are the main ingredients to make the right online. If you love online strategy games, online computer games can first take place when it comes to favorite RIGHT.

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