Running With Rifles Running With Rifles

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Third person simple and fun action!

Version: pre-alpha
Licence: Free
Publisher: Modulaation Games

Game screenshots:

Running With Rifles
Running With Rifles
Running With Rifles

Running With Rifles description:

Running with rifles, an aerial perspective from a soldier in the war against the enemy troops you will need to check other very simple shooting game.
Because of the early developmental stages, the options and the amount of enemies on the screen at the moment is very high, the game looks like the legendary cannon fodder. It’s still quite fun and gives you the opportunity to throw fire grenades more than it needs to be.
Different from most shooting games, you need to be very careful as a single fire can kill you, but the game is quite open and gives a lot of freedom and developed a large scenario.
Running with rifles at certain moments and in spite of the present state, a lot of fun that can offer a very promising title.

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