Rule the Kingdom Rule the Kingdom

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Rule the Kingdom!!

Version: 5.11
Licence: Free
Publisher: Game Insight International

Game screenshots:

Rule the Kingdom
Rule the Kingdom

Rule the Kingdom description:

In which to establish the kingdom, an army, and struggle against the invading troops that the administration of the region will have on the role, strategy and management game Kingdom rule.
The mechanics of the game which units to equip trolls, skeletons and other armies will be left to fight, and you will have to build all the buildings within the kingdom that on two main aspects: the management is divided into.
To aid you in this task, the warrior safe during the enemy magic will be an invaluable help that will allow you to unleash all of the fury. He said they’re going to win and receivables, upgrades, and more war, more experience, so the best thing is to send them into battle often.
Trade message for the villagers to survive, so it could even be his own castle for the kingdom from a farm buildings with tons of your own schedule, you can build every kingdom.
Time to reconquer your empire and rule the kingdom for Android that will keep you glued to the screen of your device a little deeply complex mechanics, is a very exciting game.

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