Royale Clans: Clash of Wars Royale Clans: Clash of Wars

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A decent Clash Royal knockoff!

Version: 4.68
Licence: Free
Publisher: Fun Online Games Studio

Game screenshots:

Royale Clans: Clash of Wars
Royale Clans: Clash of Wars
Royale Clans: Clash of Wars

Royale Clans: Clash of Wars description:

Wars The royal Clans: the clash original Clash of the legendary and among the ones I’ve played certainly a very excellent Royale and more will ring a bell. Here, according to the standard type, is facing a massive amount of other players over the internet. Kinfolk aforementioned mega hit when their soldier is shown also serve similar functions.
The royal clans battle game: a simple and direct clash. Each player has three towers, and on either side two center: it starts with one. Your goal is to destroy the enemy’s troops deploy to central tower. The point of each game, a player has fallen after the victorious enemy to their tower the highest number of come out after about 3 minutes.
Royal Clans: the clash of Battles please as many different units you can use, but first you have to unlock them. Unlock new troops and level them up, collect the cards in order. These cards were found buried in the chest accumulate earned every victory on victory. To be honest, this game is the Clash Royale is the same.
Each unit of the royal Clans: War Of War special qualities: life Points, attack distance, time to deploy, and speed, among others. As you level up, these properties develop. Some units also have special rules that you must learn to use them quickly to their own potential, we offer a number of.
Wars online is a fun multiplayer strategy game Clash Of Clans Royal. Thanks to her short (only last between 1-4 minutes) the game after the game, the battles where it is experienced.

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