Rounded Bugs Ex Rounded Bugs Ex

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Shoot, shoot and shoot to set free your friends!

Version: 1.1
Licence: Free
Publisher: Questtracers

Game screenshots:

Rounded Bugs Ex
Rounded Bugs Ex
Rounded Bugs Ex

Rounded Bugs Ex description:

We’a problem. Have invaded the world of cursors and it’s all done except for one bug…!!
This exciting game starts and how it back-to-back. Maybe when you first saw this game, it’s not good, but I think you€™rtry once and they will be missing.
Havana€™t have a graphical environment or large magnific has a history, this game is like that, but extremely playable.
Your goal is to clear all the screen bursi, and this is your ‘ s easy, a lot will be different™s not you have to finish. Pink when you kill someone, for example€™t kill love, love, more error 2 appears on the screen.
Graphically really good and to be able to play the main feature. That will give you hours of fun and addictive 50 levels. The higher the level is more difficult. Perfect.

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