Rolplay Online TCG Rolplay Online TCG

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Card duels in a fantasy world!

Version: 1.5.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Sevia

Game screenshots:

Rolplay Online TCG
Rolplay Online TCG
Rolplay Online TCG

Rolplay Online TCG description:

Create your own hero card, roleplay and fight duels, similar to other games such as Magic The Gathering have been established that can join into a fantasy world where an online trading card game.
When you start the game to create a character to roleplay, the three main classes available: Warrior, Mage and Alchemist selection. While there are only 500 of magicians, each one has its own characteristics; a warrior, for example, you have 700 life points.
Once you can start the adventure there are heroes. Although combat is the main feature of roleplay, and many other items are also important. You need to create your own deck of these cards, then the duel is the main element that makes this win or lose.
Creating bad will cause a bad deck duels, so it’s always a good idea to look at your back. To get a new card, just virtual money, not real money) in Game Store, you have to get the new packages. Also, unlike other games are quite affordable.
Name, role-playing elements as it indicates the Roleplay contains. You character as you win battles, gain experience and different characteristics, can increase life and speed.
Trading card game is a really fun roleplay. The game is very complex without offer a wonderful experience. Trading card games magic gathering spectromancer and it’s especially good for lovers of like.

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