Rogue's Eye Rogue's Eye

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Traditional dungeons in first person!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Paul Jeffries

Game screenshots:

Rogue's Eye
Rogue's Eye
Rogue's Eye

Rogue's Eye description:

Often the eyes go deep in a dangerous dungeon full of the enemy with the first person to design a portable game, the seventh descends to the underground floor, the rogue’s eye amulet recover and come out alive.
In that type of game is typical for Rogue’s eyes. Explore the different levels of the dungeon in this turn-based combat the enemies you can fight. Along the way, collect different weapons and armor to survive until the end of the adventure.
Knives, swords, spears, and hammers a variety of weapons you can use such as. Also equip yourself with the shields and finally you can drink different potions that will save his life. Find food faster and also you can use it to recover health.
Fun and Rogue through the eyes of the traditional first-person RPG. Both the graphics and the game went back in time at the beginning of the 90s they were the best RPG you’ll feel like.

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