Rogue City Scavenger Rogue City Scavenger

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An entire city is trying to kill you!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Numeron Reactor

Game screenshots:

Rogue City Scavenger
Rogue City Scavenger
Rogue City Scavenger

Rogue City Scavenger description:

Rogue City Scavenger the city to find the source of a deadly disease that slowly killing a government agent who has a portable design to play with. There are dangers that can put Risk the life of the heroine.
When you start your adventure, a strange alien creature that can cause damage in a room with closed. This is a story that will be trying to kill off almost all the city’s character.
The combat system, most roguelikes, turn-based. Tile flooring freely you can progress throughout the city, enter buildings, tools, escape and face all kinds of enemies, and of course using a lot of different weapons.
Rogue City Scavenger’s probably a super complicated RPG you will have to start over a few times. Fortunately, as soon as you advance in the story, getting more and more interesting.

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