Rogue Assassin Rogue Assassin

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Stealth and Assasination in the middle ages!

Version: Beta
Licence: Free
Publisher: Numeron Reactor

Game screenshots:

Rogue Assassin
Rogue Assassin
Rogue Assassin

Rogue Assassin description:

The task of the king to take out an assassin Rogue Assassin players has to control a hidden game. But of course, things€™don’t exactly run smoothly.
Great plan for the first phase of the assassination to be a serious thing to allow yourself to get caught sent to jail. The choice between the road and the bombs, or attacking the guards run through the streets naked, among others. All enough to be thrown into the dungeon.
Once you€™re in it, sneak through the halls of the dungeon until the King arrives different. Because if they see you they will kill you to do this, you have to stand behind the guards. You can use the shadow to hide and must take a lot of care with the movements.
Rogue assassin is a random level generator, but the last few levels. I’m trying to reach king forever, but it never means that you will have to kill him. Despite this, the game is worthwhile enough to make a trip to the dungeon, it’s fun.

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