Retro Blazer Retro Blazer

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What happens when Megaman and Doom get together? This!

Version: Alpha
Licence: Free
Publisher: Amil Parra

Game screenshots:

Retro Blazer
Retro Blazer
Retro Blazer

Retro Blazer description:

Blazer Retro graphics old school game like Megaman, which is very close to the apocalypse first-person action game. Crazy, dodge like crazy and you have to shoot like a frenetic experience.
The game is using the mouse: using the keyboard only character and that do not require fire control 90 ‘ shooters were taken. Also, unlike the situation in most current video games, Retro Blazer, the key is to move fast, shoot faster, and (in the future) to dodge enemy bullets.
The alpha version of the game with a powerful three-arsenal of weapons: pistols, submachine guns and shotguns to kill hundreds of enemies you face at high speed, which only has seven levels you can return. This game is very eye-catching classic but effective weapons they are.
Graphics, retro Blazer because they are (complex characters and weapons) with the old-fashioned aesthetic, despite the strange look of the game in a tremendous. In this section, thank you for the beauty of design and color levels of the game.
Aside from doom and Duke Nukem 3D Blazer Retro fans will love that much more intense experience of today’s FPS contracts in order to offer you a lot of fun the first-person action game.

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