Remotr Streamer Remotr Streamer

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Play your Windows games your Android or iPhone!

Version: 1.0.337
Licence: Free
Publisher: RemoteMyApp

Game screenshots:

Remotr Streamer
Remotr Streamer
Remotr Streamer

Remotr Streamer description:

Remotr Pennant as a controller for Android, iPhone or Windows phone installed on your computer using any video game flow program. All you need to do to install this following the official application of the device you use. And, of course, you need a good wifi connection.
Utilizar Remotr Streamer is very simple. As soon as you open the program, it will automatically scan and detect all the video games that are installed on your computer. If you’re missing a video game, all you need to do is manually add it by using Windows Explorer. With this method you will be able to add other programs.
When you connect your device to the correct system, you will see a sign on the bottom right corner. When starting a game, or smart Tablet, at the same time on your computer will start working. But either the phone or from your desktop computer to play, directly you can select. The options are quite clear that the different controller features: touchscreen, mouse emulator, you can choose Bluetooth control, etc.
But once everything is set up, any Windows Phone, Android or iOS will be able to play Remotr Streamer from the comfort of the video game must be really a customer installation. You can use the application without resort. In a few words, this is a very useful application.

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