Rambros Rambros

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Shots, explosions and patriotism in two dimensions!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Black Ships Fill the Sky

Game screenshots:


Rambros description:

Rambros the players manage a region filled with soldiers attempting to take over a U.S. military mission, where a two-dimensional platform shooting game. What could be the reason? No one knows.
In terms of how the mechanics of the game is the player is very simple. You may end up with a single shot in your life, and die every day a new soldier you can play. Among the possible candidates suspiciously Rambo, Chuck Norris and Mr. T. a few like
Our hero can kill with a single shot just in the same way as our enemies and we can end their lives. And so: bazookas, machine guns, rifles and flame-throwers to make a huge arsenal. Also, the entire scene with this weapon, leaving it almost unrecognizable.
More Rambros you can have fun by cooperating with other players a lot of fun two-dimensional platform action game. At least one game controller for Xbox 360 is required.

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