Quest Fighter Quest Fighter

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Graphic adventure characters wreak havoc on each other!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Crystal Shard

Game screenshots:

Quest Fighter
Quest Fighter
Quest Fighter

Quest Fighter description:

Adventure Quest Warrior the graphic characters of all time some of the players most popular 2D fighting game. Indiana Jones, Guybrush Threepwood, Roger Wilco and Larry we’re talking about characters like himself.
There are four special attacks for each character, Indiana Jones whip, the Tentacle (Day), Guybrush purple tentacle there are specific movements, such as punch or bite.
With three difficulty levels in single player mode against the computer or against another player using the same keyboard) quest Fighter you can play.
Is taken especially because both characters and levels from the original game the graphics is perfect. Some are very symbolic and nostalgic tears.
It’s not the best fighting game Fighter Quest, but brings back more memories than many other independent games free

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