Pyramid Run Pyramid Run

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Run from the mummies as fast as you can!

Version: 2.2
Licence: Free
Publisher: Magic Bone

Game screenshots:

Pyramid Run
Pyramid Run
Pyramid Run

Pyramid Run description:

A total copy of Temple Run, pyramid run, similar gaming experience to recreate the original using the same gameplay style. Instead, chased by strange black monsters, grey chased by a monster you here is the main difference.
So, the aim of the game side at the time, tries to collect as much money as possible while fleeing the gray creatures as side characters, eg. You need a jump or duck to get around certain obstacles.
Graphically, the game is almost identical to temple run – even the heroes look alike. Nevertheless, the graphics of a lower resolution, which means it loses some quality games of all kinds.
Pyramid run behind a clearly superior alternative: lie was to hide the fact that Temple Run is a fun game.

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