Pragmatica Pragmatica

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Guide the robots so they arrive safe and sound!

Licence: Free
Publisher: HiVE

Game screenshots:


Pragmatica description:

Pragmatica is a puzzle game that will test your intelligence. To play, guide the robots to a number of parameters to set up will help you make from a box.
To be done before they leave their hiding place, the robots, the process is simple: order a set of programs. For example, when they come to a wall when they come to a hazardous box to the left or to the right, you can specify a rule that says. If something crash in fulfilling the orders, there will be an explosion.
Your goal (at the beginning just one, you get the other box without exploding into a thousand pieces) is to help all the robots on each level. The scenes should look good as it takes to do this, calculate probabilities, and then test them with the resulting explosions () as many times.
Pragmatica ChuChu Rocket! a horse is a fun puzzle game that resembled the classic Sega Dreamcast more depth.

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