PoolStars PoolStars

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Play pool online for free!

Version: 1.43.799
Licence: Free
Publisher: PoolStars, Ltd.

Game screenshots:


PoolStars description:

The stars the most realistic feeling virtual pool online pool I have ever played, challenge players from all over the world.
PoolStars pool dedicated to fun will give you access to a social community. Play against your friends or enter a private room to go up to the top of the rankings and then you’ll be able to challenge other people (free, of course), you’ll be registered.
Consider the shot a wide range of things that determine the physics of the game. All of the variables together to produce the physical possibilities and situations like life was taking part in the game.
The game play is very easy and simple, you’ll have to use the mouse and keyboard to aim and shoot, 2 minutes, no more, the game takes getting used to.
In short, like a pool from the office with a carefully designed pool that allows you to play against any good 3D style game. Give it a try, maybe the next Steve Davis.

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