Polynomial Polynomial

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3D space shooter with fractal scenery and models!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Demo
Publisher: Dmytry Lavrov

Game screenshots:


Polynomial description:

Polynomial in the scene and ready to destroy any enemies full of ammo we are in control of a spaceship action shooter game.
The controls are very simple and easy the game is dynamic: to rotate the ship use the mouse scrollwheel to adjust the speed and the left button to shoot. You can use the right button to zoom.
Probably, what’s amazing is mathematically modeled in the game scene. Fractal designs throughout the fly.
The entire scene taking place is an interesting dodging bullets fly around, shoot enemies is an original game where you have to. Oh, to repair the ship, just fly close to the stars.
There are 5 different difficulty levels, and the last one is called crazy, really difficult.
Finally, it includes the creator of the scene at the same time, thus you can play in their mathematical environment.

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