Police Moto Game Police Moto Game

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Drive a police motorcycle and own the road!

Version: 2
Licence: Free
Publisher: Motomoto Game

Game screenshots:

Police Moto Game
Police Moto Game
Police Moto Game

Police Moto Game description:

Moto puts on a police motorcycle Game police, a game of skill while roaming the streets in search of danger. Your main goal is to get as far as possible along the way, all the tools to escape.
The game is very simple; just collect the coins scattered in the street and all you have to to avoid crashing. However, you will have to fall off the bike and start over, or you need to make sure to avoid the obstacles.
At the bottom of the screen, an accelerator to accelerate, and in addition the brakes, too close to another vehicle and suddenly you need to stop. Get bigger and collect more money, Police Moto Game you’ll earn more points.

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