Pokemon Uranium Pokemon Uranium

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A totally new Pokémon game!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free

Game screenshots:

Pokemon Uranium
Pokemon Uranium
Pokemon Uranium

Pokemon Uranium description:

Пока©mon Uranium by a small team of fans €“ shows and developed over a period of almost 10 years Poki©mon in the saga unofficial new game. Nintendo DS game Import game for Windows basically good Poka©Mon offers everything you’d expect from the description.
Any Пока©mon in the game the most important thing: пока©mon. And uranium, just a lot of famous names, but also run into some new ones if you cannot find. They were all caught, threw and of course, evolution. In fact, the first endpoint©mon is entirely new.
Пока©mon uranium and the story of the previous games, a completely new and different. Other Epic Games the story a bit darker, and so far allows me to explore the unchartered territories. The characters, even the professor, including competitors, completely new.
Refined with the perfect mouse and keyboard for the game controls, you can: Пока©mon uranium, there is a massive detail. Of course, you can also use a controller, but it won’t be any problem with using my keyboard.
Пока©mon Uranium game who will be pleased to discover surprises both refined and a complete Poka©mon a real treasure for fans of the saga. The graphics are also a bit to the right is developed based on the previous installments.

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