Pokémon: Survival Island Pokémon: Survival Island

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Extreme survival on Pokemon Island!

Version: 11.3
Licence: Free
Publisher: Team Survival Island

Game screenshots:

Pokémon: Survival Island
Pokémon: Survival Island
Pokémon: Survival Island

Pokémon: Survival Island description:

Пока©mon: Pokemon and survival Minecraft Island Survival play a role in bringing together various titles such as game. From the beginning, working tables to create a lot of objects all the Pokemon, the background of the story and you will find the chance.
Runs ashore on a deserted island as the only Survivor castaways from a variety of options, you can create by choosing to leave him, and our hero’s ship. so begins the story of the game, our hero finds himself with the help of… only the first Pokemon you will have to do everything possible to escape from a hostile environment.
Exactly at the beginning of the game (you will need to enter the name in uppercase letters only) you can choose the Pokemon you want to start with, but thanks to the possibility of creating new Pokeballs, you can try to catch more Pokemon for the group.
The game, of course, Pokemon turn-based battle system uses. Some kind of escape or an attack by using herbs or other object to execute you can choose whether or not to intervene.
In addition to the usual dangers found on a deserted island, you will also find a number of temples of an ancient culture. They have some very strange objects and you can find more Pokemon, but of course it won’t be easy to reach.
Пока©mon: species the full game with a great mix of Survival Island. The graphics are also taken directly from Nintendo and will be familiar to all fans of the saga.

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