Platformines Platformines

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A platformer that's full of action!

Version: Trials of Doom
Licence: Demo
Publisher: MagikoGaming

Game screenshots:


Platformines description:

Platformines exploration and 2D action platform where you can create your own characters: hair, nose, body, clothes, etc. every detail of customize.
After creating your character, randomly generated, almost infinite, you can start an adventure in the 2D world. Talk to and trade with friendly characters, enemy weapons, traps, money, treasures, and you will find dozens of a lot.
Platformines main actions you can do, jumping and shooting. Normally, all to avoid enemy attacks, jump, and shoot to kill them and take their treasure: you’re not doing something else. As you progress, generated within the 2D settings all do this.
Platformines is a very entertaining game that combines the best of the different types of the perfect 16-bit graphics combine with. The story of the game it may take about seven hours, although much more randomly generated scenarios.

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