Pixel Piracy Pixel Piracy

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Build your ship, hire a crew, then start plunder!!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Solidust

Game screenshots:

Pixel Piracy
Pixel Piracy
Pixel Piracy

Pixel Piracy description:

Pixel Pirate players to perform all the tasks worthy of this post, which is the control of the captain of a pirate ship strategy, 2D, simulation, and design with a combination of portable games.
Early in the game, a pirate ship, build with blocks, you will find the inventory you need to build from scratch. In other words, you can build your ship exactly how you want it and free your imagination.
More than just a ship but a pirate captain needs a team and also you need to keep. Pirates must go through the game from scratch as striking Taverns. That said, every pirate will charge a fee, and note that you will have to pay them.
In the city you™re€or purchase different equipment for your team, the new powerful sword and gun hook, the other ships ranging to ride.
Once you can find other beaches in the world, Enemies, towns, and trying to spoil a ship and crew that can travel is there anything. If your hero dies, but be careful because you will have to start again from the beginning.
Pixel Pirate and fun pirate game that combines several different types to create an exquisite whole when you throw in an independent setting, this game never gets old.

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