Pilchard Pilchard

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A drunken platformer!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Nomadic

Game screenshots:


Pilchard description:

Canabalt sardine (employee and non-stop jumping) and with constant shaking of the camera combines a 2D platformer that uses the basic principle is drunk or something.
The sardine settings randomly before the game starts, just like every time Canabalt is created. An average game takes around 10 seconds on extreme difficulty and normally, you must restart it many times.
A game of sardines, on the other hand, is quite simple: the character runs forward and only an obstacle you have to jump every time I come. Some just fall into the void to elevated blocks, there are other times. Regardless of the obstacle, nevertheless, almost always will kill your character.
Sardines is a platform game, simple in every way. It’s lovely up here why is the game simple graphics, simple music, simple … and that’s it.

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